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Who We Are

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We are the University Professional and Technical Employees-CWA 9119, the union of technical and professional employees at the University of California. We are Staff Research Associates, Computer Resource Specialists, Clinical Lab Techs, Social Workers, Writers, Museum Scientists, and Lab Assistants--among others. Over 16,000 UC employees are covered by our contracts.

We have locals at all UC campuses, labs and medical centers. Adjunct faculty at three California community colleges and skilled trades workers at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab are also covered by our contracts. In all of our units, we elect bargaining committees to negotiate union contracts, engage in actions to support bargaining, provide assistance to members with problems, and participate in our union’s leadership. 

Where we’re going

More groups of UC employees are organizing with UPTE-CWA to gain a voice on the job, including student services professionals and IT workers. The union also regularly petitions the state’s labor board to add new job titles to its units as their duties evolve.

We are a democratic, member-run union made up entirely of workers in the units it represents. Decisions are made by UPTE members and their elected representatives. Our success is due to the high level of activism among our members. We strongly believe that quality research, medical care and education depend on supporting quality career staff with fair wages, pensions and benefits. Quality staff are needed to keep UC, the California community colleges and the national labs as the world’s premier public institutions. 

We invite you to join us.